We drive a focused process for all our service offerings across all industries, therefore, specialising in providing our client with total solutions.


Our unique outsourcing model ensures that the right people are in the right positions across a wide range of industries, and are paid correctly at the right time. The benefits include: increased staffing flexibility, potential saving in administration overheads, reduced risk of falling foul of complicated labour law, freeing up management time to focus on core business and not on labour issues, and payslip accuracy.


At PLS Staffing, our payroll benefits include: reducing payroll fees, stationery costs, bank charges and payroll department costs, eliminating the fear of contravening complicated labour law and 100% accurate payslip generation.
We also offer a wide range of administrative functions. Our payroll is audited twice a year by VIP and back-ups are done regularly and kept off-site, providing you with complete peace of mind

Labour Consulting

PLS Staffing has highly qualified labour relations consultants with a combined experience of over 50 years, in various industries. Services in this area include: Advice, representation and facilitation in labour relations, discipline and dismissal, retrenchment, union negotiations, strikes and lock outs. Our competitive fees are structured according to business size and staff numbers and can be hourly or fixed retainer.

Contract Cleaning

PLS Staffing provides superior on site cleaning services. The extent of these and the related charge rates are structured on either a site-to-site basis or company /group rate. The infrastructure supporting the rest of our cleaning enables us to provide an exceptional contract cleaning service at competitive rates.

Employment Equity

Achievement of minimum statutory compliance for clients. Training in Employment Equity Act matters, including: Employment Equity committee
Application of Codes of Good Practice.
Development of Employment Equity-linked HR policies.
Advice and guidance.


The recruitment service division has a highly skilled team with a combined 20 years practised in multi industries. Our attention to detail and thorough interviewing and recruiting techniquesOur database offers a wide selection of applicants who are
ensure a high placement percentage at a competitive fee.sourcedacross all fields of skill & expertise.